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For Tenants

Whether you’re a retail or commercial tenant, a leasing process is daunting for the best of us.

Even when you do find your dream space, there are a gazillion things beyond the obvious ones like lease term, rent, fit-outs etc that need serious attention!

SAI Tenant Services

At SAI Property Consulting we work methodically with you and the leasing agent (or landlord) to make sure your lease is not just commercially sound, but that it keeps your business’ best interests at its heart. So, whilst you’re an expert at building your business, we are experts at ensuring your leasing experience is a breeze with the best possible outcome for your business!

Commercial Tenant Rep

Every rental premises has financial, operational, and reputation risks. Are you ready to hedge against them? Do you have the balance of power in a lease negotiation? Do you need help:

  • in a tenancy matter with your landlord?
  • with short-term rental relief?
  • to down or up size in the middle of your lease?
  • with lease surrender, sub-leasing, or lease assignment?

As your Tenant Rep, SAI Property Consulting will save you money, time, and your sanity! We only manage your interests in a lease negotiation.

Retail Tenant Rep

Retail leases are more than just location and low rent. Do you know the Retail Leases Act? Do you understand lease commercials, terms, incentives, occupancy costs etc? We do! That is why, we will:

  • find you the best premises in the right tenancy mix
  • negotiate the best lease deal for your business
  • get you the best incentives and effective rent
  • scope, tender, and lower your fit-out costs

We understand occupancy costs, Lessor and Lessee obligations, landlord’s fit out contributions, and effective rental. As your Retail Tenant Rep, SAI will take away your premises finding and lease negotiation pains!

Premises Finding

Are you unhappy with your lease, space size, or the rent? Do you want a new space, but don’t have the time or patience for it? Remember, finding that ‘perfect’ premises but not getting ‘it’ is always frustrating.

So, most businesses simply bury their head in the sand and compromise just to ‘get on with it’. We can help you:

  • get a better space for the same rent
  • move your business to a strategically chosen location
  • get a second or third office
  • cut staff ‘sickies’ at a place with better ‘vibes and energy’!

Lease Negotiations

A tenancy lease is almost always skewed towards the landlord and not the tenant. In fact, most businesses do NOT have the expertise to negotiate a fair lease. And, to top it, they are not even aware of the risks or opportunities in a lease negotiation.

Do you know what the current ‘fair market rent’ is for your premises? Have you been hit with a major outgoings bill lately? Is there uncertainty in your business about whether your landlord with renew your lease or not?

It does NOT have to be all stressful! If you have a renewal option due in the next 12 months, make sure you get SAI to represent you and negotiate the BEST deal for your business!

Corporate Real Estate

Does your business have multiple office locations? Are they becoming a financial drain and administrative headache? Do you need assistance:

  • to manage your asset, property, and facilities management needs?
  • with property and facilities management at multiple sites?
  • to down or up size, but not sure where to start?

SAI Property Consulting has proven experience over 15 years to help you consolidate and manage your Corporate Real Estate needs efficiently and profitably with reduced costs and uncertainty.

Space Audit

Are you using your space effectively and efficiently? Or, are you wasting rent money that could add to your bottom line? Is your staff unhappy with the space or its layout?

SAI Property Consulting will show you how to best use your current or future space that will add to your profitability!

Tenancy Risk

Is your business exposed to a potential workplace accident, litigation risk, or reputation damage at your current tenancy?

SAI Property Consulting will ensure you meet your insurance and other compliance requirements without hurting your business or its profitability.

Space Fit-Outs

Finding your dream space and signing a lease is only the beginning. What about its layout, work-spaces, and energy flow?

SAI Property Consulting will assist you with cost-effective fit-out and de-fitting solutions; make-good clauses in your lease; or transition from old-to-new space.

What Our Clients Say

Thanks so much for negotiating fantastic incentives, lower rent, and free carspace for my Canberra lease. Highly recommended!

Shivi Bhalla

Director, English Wise

Most sensible and grounded property advice I got when buying my investment property. Will definitely come back for my next investment!

Arpit Juneja

Director, AWTHENTIKZ Enterprise

Thank you for our academy lease. Really look forward to your valuable property advise as part of the ongoing retainer.

Bhavana Sareen

Director, M&S Education Services

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